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More Future Fish au !! Makoharu’s First Wedding Anniversary because it is also my blog’s first anniversary !! It’s the first time I have a blog for this long, it is really something to celebrate XD YAY !!!

And so +10K THANK YOU for following my blog (with my makoharu life-ruining and unhealthy addiction) !!! and thank you for all your cute and sweet messages / tags, they really encourage and make me so happy  so let’s keep on loving makoharumako and expect more stupid comics about dorky sexy swimmer boys from me hehe 
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persona 5 is finally released for japan. some lucky americans import the game, excited to share the details before the official english translation is out. after the opening cutscene shown from the trailer, yu narukami takes off his black wig and glasses and takes the train back to inaba

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Imagine your OTP stargazing and then falling asleep under the stars

My sims did that once and one got HIT BY A FUCKING METEOR

Tobio Kageyama (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)


Been waiting for this in the anime and Ishikai nalied it.

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Uchiyama Kouki - Voice Newtype No. 43

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Gaomon → Gaogamon

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